Monday, September 3, 2012

Injustice at LCC

This is a picture of something I consider to be an injustice on campus at La Costa Canyon High School. It was a hot topic at the Staff meeting before the school year even began. Seniors are allowed to go off campus for the only 30 minute lunch break. To encourage students to stay on campus, they shut down the campus to only one lane, in this picture you can see the huge line of cars waiting to be let out. The administration checks the i.d's of students to be sure they are seniors. As a teacher, I have been told that students hide in the trunks of the seniors, and that there has already been four accidents in the first week of school. One of the biology teachers said at the Staff meeting "Is it going to take a fatality of a student for us to close the campus for lunch?". I think that the issue is more serious than people think. When I was in high school, the school was locked and we could not leave until 5th period at the very earliest. Allowing students to leave causes more absences in later periods. The food on campus has good variety and healthy options. One of my students in my academic success class goes to McDonalds every day and says that he drives more than 30 miles per hour faster than the speed limit to make it back to his classes on time. 


  1. Ok, so if there has been accidents already and yet they still don't to shut down the school for lunch? I agree with the teacher that something bad has to happen in order for the school to do something. It sucks, but in the other hand I am sure that if they do something about it, some parent will fight it. I understand that parent involvement is critical and helpful, but sometimes parent do more harm than help. Sometimes parent need to learn to shut up and let the teachers do their job.

    1. Its true Ben, the students now feel like they are "entitled" to go off campus for lunch. Some of the juniors are even mad that they do not have the same privileges. Really?! You guys are kids and do not need to have that many options for lunch. If you do not like the food there, then bring your lunch to school. Both of the teachers I work with even have fridges and microwaves in their classrooms, and are always willing to share with students. These prissy kids need to stop thinking they are entitled and actually consider safety.

  2. Why not have open campus for everyone? At Carlsbad HS its open campus for all and according to my CT it isnt an issue.