Saturday, September 22, 2012

SDAIE Strategy

What is a SDAIE Strategy?
SDAIE (Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English) emphasize the concept of ‘comprehensible input’. They can be used throughout the curriculum. 

Here is an example of a manipulative created by students at Orange Glen High School in their English class. Most students heritage language is Spanish, so the teachers admits that is constantly using SDAIE strategies and scaffolding material. The picture uses 4 different colored papers, folded and stapled which creates scaffolded pages where students can write vocabulary words or important concepts on the lower portion which can always be seen, and their definitions or explanations are hidden inside the folds. Students are creating this for their literary terms on the unit they are studying which happens to be Slave narratives.  

Why are Manipulative's so important for SDAIE?
Manipulatives-Hands on Experiences-ELL students need the tactile-kinesthetic experiences with physical objects, experiences that are fundamental in linking words with the objects/pictures. Students can visually and physically manipulate objects that are directly linked with the concepts being taught. This allows them to understand the concept in a way that is more accessible and understandable than with words

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