Thursday, November 1, 2012

EDSS 511 Instructional Strategy

CLASS PARTICIPATION (Preventative)- Hawley Laterza

By designing different strategies to involve all students in class discussions and activities, the teacher can ensure that all students are participating despite readiness, interests, and learning profile.
1. Flash cards with student names to draw at random
2. Palomitas (Popcorn)
3. Divide the class in half and have the boys choose a girl, and a girl choose a boy from the opposite side of the classroom
4. Seating chart- have students go up and down their rows giving answers and write points directly on the seating chart
5. Class Dojo- App on phone that selects students at random and you tap on the student to award a point
6. Popsicle sticks with student names in a jar
7. Having students write on the board by choosing an article of clothing they are all wearing (ex. Any student wearing white shoes- go write an answer on the board)
8. Girls vs. Boys (When playing an activity, students go against each other by having one boy and one girl go head to head)
9. Student volunteer (raise hand when they have the answer)
10. Think/Pair/Share- have students choose a partner to discuss an idea, then call on all groups to share their collaborative idea.
11. Number students 1-4, ask someone from the 1’s share their answer, someone from the 2’s share their answer....etc.
12. Delegate groups of four students to turn their desks and work as a collective unit. 1 student will be designed the recorder, time keeper, speaker, and the person who gets the teachers attention when they need help. Students will collectively turn in one assignment but we will go over the task as a class.

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