Monday, November 5, 2012

EDSS 521 P21 Blog Post #3

TPE 4 (In my own words): Teacher candidates address content standards that are reinforced, varied, diversified, and facilitate active listening, creativity and imagination for all students.

Creativity occurs frequently in my classroom because students are constantly critically thinking using the target language. For example, for homework the other night we assigned students to write a paragraph (at least 4 sentences) about the things the student family members “do”. The idea was for students to use their verb tenses and conjugate properly while critically thinking. In addition, when we have oral presentations, students are allowed to make up the dialogue using as many current vocabulary words as they want. Students are not confined to a list of phrases or sentences.

Critical thinking and problem solving are used on a daily basis because students are constantly using new grammar and vocabulary applications to communicate with their classmates independently, out of their seats. In addition, on units about health, travel, illnesses, environment, students are asked to solve problems such as “What would you do to help eliminate pollution?”

Communication occurs everyday for the students in a variety of methods. Students communicate informally with each other, they will ‘interview’ classmates and then respond to answers in writing. However, there is not too much discussion because students are very immature and need structure. In addition, students have not yet learned any culture which is often where discussion is involved. Students collaborate everyday and in formal settings for oral presentations which are often done in groups of two.

We have not yet had students participate in any researching using technology inside or outside of the classroom. I would like to have students create and post to a blog about an issue in Spanish culture such as art, literature, politics, health care, pastimes, customs, holidays...etc. We do however present material using a variety of sources including listening, reading, writing, communicating, playing games, watching videos’, all of these are done regularly in daily classroom activities.

I would like to have students research current events that are controversial and force students to see multiple points of view. However, in the current classroom I work in, there is none of that taking place right now in the curriculum. This is the area my CT is weakest in, and I do not feel comfortable forcing her to change her curriculum.

Currently, we do not use technology in the classroom. This is something I really hope is different and my next school site and I know will be changed when I have my own classroom. I think incorporating technology is appealing to all learners and helps them familiarize themselves with technology for educational purposes.

I think my CT and I facilitate self directed learning very effectively in the classroom. Students are always thinking critically and applying new concepts to relevant everyday activities. Students are also able to go beyond what is assigned because they have the skills to push themselves if they want to. For example, if I have a student who is really grasping the verb conjugations, they can write an entire paragraph, and as a narrative rather than in elementary style disconnected sentences.

Students interact with each on a daily basis in informal settings that are low pressure and allow students to utilize new concepts. Students are set up so they have 12 different partners in the classroom that they can work with, and these partners are not necessarily in their immediate social group, or grade level. I feel that students who would not normally work together are allowed to collaborate efficiently and build community within the classroom and the school in general.

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  1. I like your idea of having students research controversial topics! Not only will students be exposed to multiple points of view, but they will be able to see the evidence behind the multiple viewpoints. This is crucial to implement at least some in every class and I feel your pain in having a CT that does not promote debate in the classroom!