Monday, November 26, 2012

EDSS 521 Blog Post #4

I read the article, 


This article talked about students using personal devices in the classroom, and the increase in percentages of administrators and educators with access to tablets, digital media, and smart phones. I was surprised when I read that teachers with 16 years of experience were only slightly less likely than teachers with 1-3 years of experience, because I would have thought that newer educators were more inclined to have smartphones, but after thinking about it, it makes sense that educational professionals have smart phones because it allows us to do our work on the go and stay connected. 
I  agree with the concerns in the article that stated that they felt that mobile devices will only serve as a distraction to students. I personally feel that there is a difference between students being able to use their cell phones as a mobile device versus a laptop or a iPad which do not have the ability to text message (for the most part). 

  • Choose one of the “Videos from Speak Up” to view. In your reflection include your opinion, what surprises you, what doesn’t, and how the information informs your philosophy and practice of teaching. Videos are at the bottom of the page. (

  • Have a look at the “youthTEACH2Learn resources.” How would you start such a program at your school site? You will be leaving your site, of course, but find out how you can start programs, clubs, etc. at your school site. What would be the benefits of starting a “Future Teachers” type of organization? (

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